Before delving into the realm text adventure, I’ve found another early graphical “action” game set in Middle Earth: Shadowfax.

Commodore 64

Shadowfax is a very simple game, so there isn’t a lot to say. You’re playing as Gandalf atop the titular steed Shadowfax, as he rides across fields fighting Nazgul. You can kill the Nazgul by shooting lightning bolts at them. The game’s setting is peculiar, as I initially thought it was covering the early skirmish on the Pelennor Fields before the Siege of Minas Tirith starts, however the Nazgul are all on horses, not the winged fell beasts. So I suppose the game could be set during the unseen period when Gandalf was fleeing from the Nazgul in Eriador while Aragorn is leading the Hobbits to Rivendell. All of this said, the game also features maaany more than nine Ringwraiths, so maybe trying to work out the canon for this unknown Commodore game is a bit ridiculous.

That’s pretty much it, but the reason I wanted to cover this game was to show how epic it is playing this wee game with Howard Shore’s epic score from the Return of the King (Lighting of the Beacons from The Complete Recordings).

Isn’t it glorious? Next up is the 1982 text adventure The Hobbit from Melbourne House.