Précis to the Void War

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The below is an outline of the conflicts and plotline that the main body of work in the Terraverse revolves around, at least initially. The Labour Princes is a prologue to The Void War, which escalates into The Invasion, which precedes The Crood Wars.

Précis to the Void War

The Emperor and the Duke

The Emperor of the Universe and Cyrillic Dominator, Ceremonius Bacetonian has died. With war afoot in the Dominion’s outermost colonies, a feud is brewing between the new Dominator and his son, the Duke of Gran Voia. The Dominator has allied with the resurgent church and has commissioned an Inquisition, a militant corps led by the church leader, the Pontifex. The Inquisition deemed necessary due to the naval Feet of the Void, led by the Duke, has failed to contain the war. The leaders of the old aristocracy of the Core are sympathetic to the Duke, but greater supporters of the Duke, the Pontifex, and the second child of the Dominator, the Lady of Jovia, who has been named as the new First Minister of her father’s empire. With his fleet split between those loyal to him and the Dominion, and those loyal to the uprisen colonies they come from, the Duke finds his chief support comes from the older colonies. The young prince loves his father, but mistrusts the priest that holds his ear, and believes the church is taking  control of the state, manipulating his Emperor.

The Builders Stop

After an Inquisition drives them out from their University home, two martial academics go on a quest to discover the true history of the Dominion’s regime, and ultimately the universe.  On their journey they discover that the Builders, the stem cells of all life, have stopped working and this calamity will lead to the end of all unless reversed. They must achieve their goals and discover the truth while avoiding the perils of a rogue inquisitor,  admirals of the fleet, and rebel princes.

Buccaneer of the Void

After a constitutional crisis between one mining colony and the Universal Dominion of Cyrill leads to a miners strike, relations breakdown between the other colonies and their overlords in the Core. Governors, Labour Princes and self-made Kings all declare independence. Supported and supplied by the last free nation Nexus, they declare war on the Core and it’s Dominion. The murder of one rebelling leader early in the conflict forces his son, a Captain in the Dominion’s fleets, to mutiny and begin privateering the great spaces of the Void, nominally supporting the rebels. Finally, a mysterious stranger preaching resistance in the name of everlasting peace stirs rivalries among the confederate rebelling factions.

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