Audiences and Engagement

My final essay in MFCO301 ‘Film Theory’ covered the engagement of audiences and how it related to the success of a work, by looking at Fiske’s example of the television muscle drama and the growth of Transmedia produced content in the past ten years.

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Wellington as a multicultural city space

For my final essay in MFCO312 ‘Communication and the City’ I was to study a city and ask how its composition related to its ability to achieve certain socioeconomic goals, and whether barriers are areas were created to prevent certain populations from achieving these goals. I studied Wellington City, and focused on the clash between members of the creative classes and how they were supported, and the variety of ethnic groups in Wellington and their recognition.

MFCO312 Final Essay

Nostalgia and Pop Music in George Lucas’ American Graffiti.

For my 2014 art history paper: ARTH:319 ‘The Art of Film’ I was to choose a film and analyse it visually and culturally, looking at the construction and the context of the film. I chose George Lucas’ American Graffiti (1973) as I’m a huge fan of Lucas’ later, more stylized genre work, and I wanted to analyse his take on the more conventional coming-of-age story. This essay deals with how American Graffiti parallels many events of Lucas’ own teenage years, and how it spells out character moments through musical score and visual symbolism. Also included is the necessary research citation and segmentation of the film used to reference the movie.

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