Tinkering with my iBook

So a few years ago I bought this laptop cheap on Trademe: a 2000 iBook G3 (Indigo), which had been used by a school for years before being retired. I bought the laptop, and after failing to install a burnt copy of Os X 10.3, I formatted it and reinstalled Mac os 9.2.1. This little machine has been a project of mine recently, as I’ve been trying some of my favorite PC games from the period that were ported to Mac and reliving them on contemporary tech.
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Phil Dragash’s The Lord of the Rings Audiobook

So this isn’t under my usual coverage on Adventures in Middle Earth but I wanted to share it anyway. Phil Dragash is an independent video editor/ artist/ creator who over the last four years has been creating a modern Lord of the Rings audiobook adaptation. The main difference between this and past audio or radio adaptations for me is the use of sound effects and music from the Jackson film trilogy. He has made it as good as many modern audio dramas and better, in my opinion, than the official audiobook read by Rob Inglis, and in some ways better than the BBC Radio Play (though I’m still a fan of Ian Holm’s Frodo). Honestly, in some way Phil’s version of the story surpasses the Jackson films, if only because of its meshing of the sound-scape and overall storytelling style of the films, with the fully unabridged content of the original books.

Phil finished the book last year, but recently he has begun all over again by remastering and re-releasing the book on Youtube. I sincerely recommend you check it out.

News: Caecilius to John Frobisher to the Doctor: Why it doesn’t matter

So now that we have the announcement, “Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor!” we have the usual vapid complaints against him (usually fuelled by the fact he isn’t actually the current actor, whom some fans would just like to stay on forever), but this time, some are having a bigger non-superficial problem. Peter Capaldi has been two different characters in the Whoniverse already: civil servant John Frobisher from Torchwood’s third season, and Caecilius, the Roman sculptor who the Tenth Doctor met in the fourth series episode The Fires of Pompeii. Neither of these characters were bit parts like Karen Gillan’s former appearance as a Soothsayer in the same episode, before she was ever Amy Pond. And both were also larger than Freema Agyeman’s role in the season two episode Army of Ghosts as Adeola. Plus the fact that this is a Doctor’s casting rather than a companion’s makes the supposed problem much higher profile than those previous casting choices.

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